The Dark Side of the post

The Dark Side of the post-NAFTA Border: Rationalizing Undocumented Deaths and Disappearances through the Discourse of Gatekeeping This section discusses the fourth vignette of Instrucciones, “Muerte y esperanza en la frontera norte” (Death and Hope on the Northern Border). In “Muerte y esperanza,” Crosthwaite’s metafictional use of fictive newspaper clippings

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ReMapping Modernism

Re-Mapping Modernism: The Style of Border Modernists In detailing an alternative literary modernism this chapter incorporates and departs from the work of Christopher Schedler as well as Rachel Adams. The term “border modernism” is coined by Schedler, and as is demonstrated more extensively below, refers to a sparse prosaic quality

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Postmodern Border Metafiction

Postmodern Border Metafiction: Arming Readers of la frontera and Analyzing its Discontents This section discusses “El hombre muerto pide disculpas” (“The Dead Man Asks Forgiveness”) and “La silla vacía” (“The Empty Chair”), the two vignettes in Instrucciones that most overtly resort to postmodern metafictional techniques of frame-breaking. In “El hombre

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Modernism from la frontera

Modernism from la frontera: The U.S.-Mexico Border in The 42nd Parallel and George Washington Gómez Introduction This chapter makes the case that Américo Paredes’s George Washington Gómez (1990) and John Dos Passos’s The 42nd Parallel (1930) adapt modernist stylistic practices in their respective portrayals of the early 20th century U.S.-Mexico

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In terms of style the narrative voice in Trujillo Muñoz’s texts facilitates the interrogation of neoliberal epistemologies which is crucial to the project of the border neopoliciaco. This voice is laconic in its narration and thus crime scenes, despite the types of violence committed, are described in no greater detail

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While the argument of this dissertation is informed by the trans-border scholarship referenced above there are key distinctions that must be highlighted. Due to the fact that the texts analyzed by Castillo and Córdoba range from 1982 to 1996, they read the 1985 Programa Cultural de las Fronteras as the

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Introduction: The Futures of 1848 in the 20th and 21st Century This dissertation focuses on the material and discursive consequences of 1848 beyond the 19th century. Ratified in 1848, the Treaty of Guadalupe Hidalgo today constitutes the “oldest active treaty still in force between the United States and Mexico” (Griswold

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Conclusion Paul Flores uses neo-realist techniques in Along the Border Lies to interrogate the notion that border violence is a residual effect of the socioeconomic modernization along the Tijuana- San Diego border. Example of conclusion on Legit Essay Writing You can read an example of essay writing conclusion on Legit Essay

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Closing Arguments

Closing Arguments In proposing that 20th and 21st century border-based fiction re-conceptualizes the significance of 1848, this dissertation is as much political as it is aesthetic. Specifically, the dissertation has argued that the material configurations of modernity (colonial, imperial, neoliberal, post-NAFTA) are inseparable from and dependent on a particular set

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