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Rank Product Name Features
Best Choice
~Premium wood material
~Storage space with lock
~Enough legroom
~Water & Scratch resistant lamination
~Adjustable top
~36-month warranty
~Good wood material
~Assembly provided
by seller
In Budget
~Low Price
~Easy to assemble
~Occupy less space
~Excellent wood
~Stunning Design
~Smooth surface
~Easy to Move
~Sturdy MDF wood
~Wall mountable
~Solid wood
~Foldable table
~Saves space

5 best study table/desk to head-start your learning journey[2021]

Choosing the best study table is very frustrating whether you go to your nearest market or find it online. There’re so many options to choose from. 

And none of them helps us in selecting the right one. You might come across some questions like,

 1. Can it’s strong enough to hold my stuff?

2. Will it fit in my budget?

3. Can it be adjustable to my height?

4.  Is it easy to assemble or not?

5. Come with a warranty? And for what period?

6. What features does it carry? 

7. How much legroom does it provide?

8. Are there some shipment and fitting charges? And the list goes on.

To ANSWER that, we had already done the heavy tasks. So you do not need to put in any effort. 

Through our reviews, you can know the right product according to your needs.

1. Deckup Versa Study Table- Best choice

Deckup Versa study table gives you an every bit of function and style you wish for. Made of natural wood pattern. And e2 European standard wood which is sturdy to withstand heavy usage & long-lasting.
It’s spacious to store away all your stuff right in one place. Includes decent legroom helps you to sit with ease for long hours. Locked drawer to store valuable assets and take care of your privacy.
Melamine lamination protect it from scratch and water. Comes with collapsible tabletop to expand your workspace in case you need. Deckup Versa offers you a beautiful study space.

Pros & Cons

 Pros  Cons
* High-quality wood

* Collapsible tabletop

* Sufficient storage space

* Drawer lock

* Convenient leg space

* Matte coating

* Water and Scratch
   resistant lamination
* Needs assembly

Our View:

As per our assessment, this table is worth your money in every aspect comparison to other tables. From the design, quality, features to the comfort point of view, it’s the best table at its price.

2. Spacewood Winner Study Table

Made from Engineered Wood material which is durable and able to hold heavy load. It also includes Foldable Tabletop which serves as an Open rack or writing space for your work.
3 storage compartment offer decent storage space to keep your learning resources. Table required Assembly but don’t worry it will be provided by the seller.
Comes with 36 months warranty on manufacturing defects.
Good quality coating provide resistant form Water, Termite, Fungus, and Scratch as well.

Pros & Cons

 Pros  Cons
* Adjustable top

* 36-month warranty

* Decent Storage Space

* Good wood material

* Assembly provided by seller
* No drawer & lock

Our View

This product has many features similar to our 1st choice (Deckup Versa table). But it lacks a few of them. Like, no Drawer & lock, which takes care of your privacy. By keeping important documents and resources from lying around unguarded.

3. Ebee Multipurpose Table- Best in Budget

It’s a multipurpose table that can be used as a laptop table, computer desk, writing board, eating desk, books space, etc. 

It’s made of Laminated Particleboard, which is scratch resistant. It takes little space of your room, and it can easily fold while not in use.

This product’s weight is 12 kg, which is light and can easily carry to a different location. It’s a durable desk, so it lasts longer with your learning journey.

Pros & Cons

 Pros  Cons
* Low Price

* Easy to assemble

* Occupy little space

* Lightweight-easy to move

* Excellent wood material

* Foldable, so saves space
* Simplistic design

Our View:

Finally, I’ll say this product is the cheapest option among others and made of high-quality material. And hence the best product that fits your budget.

4. Decornation zane Study Table

DecorNation Zane table is made from MDF material, which is durable and doesn’t damage easily despite rough handling.

And sturdy as well, which lets you keep your personal computer, laptop, and other valuable things on the table without any concern. The compact and sturdy design of the table makes it Effortless to Transfer & Clean.

 Along with this, you also get a drawer which lets you keep your computer, magazines, books, etc., within it. It also has decent legroom, so you feel relaxed and comfortable.

Pros & Cons

 Pros  Cons
* Stylish Design

* Smooth surface

* Sturdy MDF wood

* Decent legroom

* Collapsible drawer

* Easy to Assemble

* Easy to Move & Clean
* Long delivery time

Our View

If you’re looking for a stylish table with a practical design that allows you to use a table for a study desk, then this table is best suited for you. This table has a beautiful and compact design that blends in with your home décor, with lots of other features.

5. INVISIBLE BED Folding Wall Mounting

This table is made from excellent quality MDF for longer life & stronger than other similar tables that you may find at a lower price. 

It can easily handle up to 70 Kg in weight. It’ll not occupy much area, and you can fold and kept while not in use.

You can use it as a study desk, computer table, work from a home desk, activity desk for kids, dining stand, bedside table, kitchen table, and a standing desk.

Pros & Cons

 Pros  Cons
* Wall mountable

* Foldable table

* Occupy less space

* Multipurpose Desk

* Easy installation

* MDF wood hold up to 70 kg
* Simplistic design

* Heavy plank- Careful while folding

Our View

This table is best suited if you have space limitations and want to use the table for other purposes. Careful while buying it for kids because they were unable to handle the heavy plank while folding it.


Buying guide & How to select a good study or office table in India?


Picking the best study table in India can be very complicated as there are many market options. Some small but crucial factors are critical to look for while going for the right study or office table.

No one would want to compromise on an office table as it is a one-time investment that will remain in your office for years. It helps many employees and employers complete their task systematically, and most importantly, it adds up to the infrastructure of an office. 

It is also known as a study table used by students to manage their studies and increase concentration.


Leg rest:

The table should come with space where the user can easily rest his legs while working. There are specific tables that don’t come with a leg rest, and employees find other ways to rest their legs.



Look for a table that is made with good quality wood. A study table with a suitable wood material will last for a very long time with you. You will also be able to feel comfortable if the texture of the table is smooth and soft.

A study table made with Sheesham rood or solid rosewood is often considered the best as they are really of very high-quality material with no doubt.



 When you order it online, then you will require to assemble the table by yourself or else the seller will send its carpenter to your house. Some sellers will charge for the carpenter’s cost, or some will not. Some mention that it should be do it yourself or an external carpenter at your price. Look for the item where you can get free assembly as you will not have to spend an extra penny for assembling. 


Storage Space: 

Go with a study table that has at least two drawers in it. Trust me; when you have drawers in a study table or office table, it is essential because both students and employees have enough critical stuff to keep safe.

So, check whether there is sufficient space above and below the table.Check the drawers’ size, and those drawers should be able to bear rough handling as well.



The size of the study table matters a lot for both study purposes or office tasks. In both the case you require space. If you want a table for the student, he/she will need to put in many books, and those books required space.

The dimension of 100 X 50 X 70 will perfectly fine if you are looking for an office table for a single person with around 2-3 drawers or pedestals.

If you need a table for your home, you also need a large enough table to put your laptop or monitor, and also you want space for writing.

So, it is recommended to go for a table size of at least Height 30 Inches, Width 23 Inches, Length 45 Inches.



Don’t just buy a study table only for the sake of using it. We recommend you to go for a table that makes your study room look fabulous. A design that adds value to your interior design as well.

Also, go for those office tables with good design and feel like that particular table will add more brightness and utility to your home office.

We have listed some of the fantastic designs for the study table above. And those tables are just unique, I must say. The ones we have listed above will add an enormous amount of interior décor value to your room.



While selecting a study table online also goes with a table with at least 26 to 30 inches because this is the ideal height for everyone. Going with this height will help you get the accurate height adjustment for your office or study chair.

You should always look for the ergonomic feature of any chair or table because if you don’t, you may have to face some severe issues with your lower back and even more than that.



You can find a warranty for 0-5 years on office/study tables. We would advise going for the one that comes with the warranty because it can help you have enough trust in its sturdiness.


Matching your interior design: Before selecting the best study table or office table, you should look at your interior design and figure out the type of table design that will look good. There are many unique tables out there online that you can use to go along with your interior room design.




Which is the Best study table for your room in India?

Deckup Versa Wooden Study Table is the best for the study room by far because this table comes with ample surface area, and you will get the right amount of space to organize your books and many things as well.


Can We use detergent to clean the study or office table? 

Well, indeed, it depends a lot on your office table’s quality, and we would recommend using a dry cloth for wiping the wooden surface as they are covered with certain types of coatings. To elongate the quality of the material, use a dry cloth. Some wooden tables come with waterproof options, so even if you try to clean their water, you can’t. 


Which is the Best Office/Study table in India for Home or office?

Deckup Versa Wooden Study Table is excellent for your home office as this table comes with a vast surface area, and you can quickly put your laptop and one more monitor on it as well. We listed it in the 1st position.


What is the ideal size of table for study or office work?

The perfect table size that you can look for is Height of 30 Inches, Width of 23 Inches and Length of 45 Inches.


Which wood material is best for the study table?

Most of the study table you can buy online in India is made with Rosewood or Sheesham, excellent and high quality.


Final Conclusion:


Buying an office/study table can be difficult, so we always make sure to make it easy. We would recommend Deck up Versa Office Table and Study Desk to choose the best table to either study or work.  It comes with the maximum surface area where two students can efficiently learn, or an employee could keep a laptop and computer easily to work. It has 1-drawer and 2-shelves where the student can store anything he wanted. And even the employee can store files, and most importantly, it is built with high-quality wood, which can guarantee maximum durability.


For a table that is easy to clean and enhance your home decor, then Decornation Zane Study table is best suited for you. It is beautifully designed & made with excellent quality wooden material. It adds value to your interior design with a drawer-lock and enough space to cover your need.  


If you are looking for the one that can save space in your room or office and could be folded, then we suggest you purchase INVISIBLE BED Folding Wall Mounted Study & Computer & Laptop & Office Table. It is a wall mounting that you can fix permanently on your wall using screws and nuts. You can even use it as a whiteboard and erase the written material very feasibly. It saves a lot of your space. Most importantly, it is solid and durable. 


Lastly, the sturdy table and bought at a low price then the Ebee multipurpose study table meets your purpose. Also, suppose you have any suggestions or queries regarding any of the products. In that case, you can write to us by commenting down below, and we will ensure to reply within five working days (the reply depends on the frequency of comments, we might respond to you within minutes even).



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