Tentative, Qualitative Definition of Terms Laura: The nature of the dissertation requires a clear definition of key terms. Creswell (2009) stresses the importance of defining terms that “individuals outside the field may not understand and that go beyond common language… define a term if there is any likelihood that readers

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Relevance of our Study

Relevance of our Study Collaborative: Faculty at our graduate institution have remained at the forefront as advocates of collaborative research at the dissertation level as far back as 1991, when Hurlbert and Blitz called on others in the academy “to claim a place for collaborative dissertations in our universities and

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Origins of our Study

Origins of our Study American universities have sought to create ‘a climate conducive to creativity’ from their inception by welding the concept of individualism to the idea of research itself. The figure of the ‘independent scholar’ has served graduate education as both its informing principle and its telos… -Patricia Sullivan,

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INTRODUCTION Studies and Research to present our proposal for a collaborative dissertation that studies the nature of and resistance to collaborative dissertations in the field of composition. The audience for our presentation included our Dean of Graduate Studies, the Assistant Dean, the Assistant Dean for Administration, and a member of

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Establishing Exigency for Further Research

Establishing Exigency for Further Research Laura: The topic of collaborative research in the humanities has gained momentum since 1999 when MLA incoming President Linda Hutcheon named the theme of the 2000 MLA Presidential Forum “Creative Collaboration: Alternatives to the Adversarial Academy,” a forum she said was about collaboration, not “the

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Delimitations of our Study

Delimitations of our Study Laura: There has been little research conducted on the resistance to collaborative dissertations in composition, and no research has been done that examines what happens when two dissertating students in composition collaborate. As such, we have chosen to limit the scope of our research to focus

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Benefits of our Present Study

Benefits of our Present Study Collaborative: In this chapter, we’ve reviewed how our initial proposal for completing a collaborative dissertation study met resistance from our graduate school dean. We shared our experiences of working with the dean to negotiate a middle ground where we would be permitted to collaborate throughout

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The Environment

The Environment “According to the two most accepted views of strategy, competitive advantages result either from attractive positions of a company in an industry or from distinctive resources of that company” (Zahn, 1999, p. 1). While the resource aspect of the Zahn (1999) quote is considered later in this chapter,

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Summary In this chapter, three categories of data were considered by reference to a Dissertation Profile and a detailed review of the Nature of Strategy Research Continuum as applied to strategy research in education. The Dissertation Profile was broken into components and each aspect of the profile was discussed and

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Strategy Research and Research Intensity Cross

Strategy Research and Research Intensity Cross-Tabulation A cross-tabulation table was created using the variables “nature of strategy research” and “research intensity of the source institution.” An analysis of the resulting cross-tabulation table is presented below. There was a statistically significant difference between the numbers of Table 30 Strategy Research and

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