How to ace SAT for free without any classes

Preparing for SAT is a greater test than actually giving the exam.SAT has three varieties of sections testing your skills in reading, writing and your level of knowledge in mathematics. Believe me anyone can ace the test with right amount of perseverance, discipline and hardwork, hallelujah you are good to go.
There are tonnes of online resources available at your disposal for scoring good marks on your SATs, make sure you benefit from these resources. If you use free online resources to your best ability you can ace SAT for free without any classes. With little patience and order you can derive a lot of knowledge from these resources.

This article would sum up various ways through which you can actually ace SAT without joining any classes.

1) College Board

Practice tests are easily available on this website. You can give a proper SAT exam here and get your scores immediately. You can also have access to the official College Board’s SAT Study Guide. It includes practice tests prepared by the test makers themselves. You can sign up and use the feature “Question of the day”, free practice exams. You would be able to understand the paper pattern and type of questions that are actually asked. SAT Skills Insight is a feature provided by the College Board helping students know the academic skills that are tested in SAT tests. The more knowledge the students have regarding the study and paper pattern the more confidence they garner for securing good marks on their SAT exams.

2) Khan Academy

Khan Academy an educational non-profit organization is a popular website if you want access to great video lectures and more features. You can practice anywhere, anytime for free. Stay updated regarding various changes, important dates and news relating to SAT. They offer practice tests, short quizzes. You can also have access to more than thousands of video lectures, practice questions and also hints that may prove helpful for your exam.

3) PWN the SAT

Are you weak in mathematics? Do you want to improve your scores in maths section? Are you ambitious and do you want to score a perfect score on math?
This is the site for you. Marc McClenathan, a tutor from Manhattan blogs his extensive knowledge base in mathematics subject. You can have access to his website for free.

4) Number 2

This website is accessed by millions of students for preparing for their SAT test for free. You can gain information and tips regarding the test everyday. Learn new words, take practice tests and solve plenty of questions. You are required to sign in after which you can track your progress. You can have a personalized study pattern for you. The SAT Companion again a free feature available on the website would be your personalized tutor and would tutor you based on your skills and capability. It also sends you regular emails advising you to study. A good site and a true companion for seeking professional help at free of costs for acing your SAT tests.

5) I Need A Pencil

If you don’t have the required resources at hand and desire to ace SAT tests you should go for this site. Jason Shah found this company while he was still in High School. Students have benefited a great deal from this website. This site has helped students who want to achieve their goal but fall short of resources for preparing for the same. It has engaging video lectures for all the subjects and number of questions for you to solve. It also tracks your progress. Brownie point for this website as it indulges in helping the community.

7) ProProofs

ProProofs is a free study centre for the SAT exam. They provide you with comprehensive practice tests, exam study guide, quizzes, flashcards, articles, tips to improve your SAT scores. They cover all the sections in a commendable manner and provide efficient services to students at free of cost. They include study guides for every subject and also offer SAT tests, practice questions, reading and writing cram sheets, video lectures and variety a of articles.

8) Study Guide Zone

This website provides you services ranging from Practice tests to skill building resources. It offers you services relating to basic grammar, comprehension reading, completion of sentences and building up your vocabulary. It also covers maths and provides you with writing and reading practice. It also gives you tips for taking the test.

9) Vocabulary Prep

Build up your vocabulary is the foremost advice you get if you are a student giving the SAT exam. There are loads of websites that offer you free services for learning new words and building up your vocabulary. There are various resources intended to help you ace vocabulary portion of the SAT.

10) 5000 Free SAT Words

This website offers 5000 vocabulary words that you can learn from and you can also learn from the audio versions provided by them.


This website provides with you numbers of lists of words. You can use their flashcards which is also printable. They also have a feature where you can prepare your personalized list of words and also personalized index cards.


This is an amazing site for you to learn variety of words with their meanings. You can use their dictionary feature for searching meaning of various words. The provide you with variety of activities for building up your vocabulary. You can compete with other people and make your way to the top of their leaderboards just for fun.

13) Subscription to The New York Times

You can get subscription to the website Best way to improve vocabulary is reading. Reading in turn would also help you in improving comprehension reading skills. The type of writing and syntax that is used on these SAT tests are the same as that are used in The New York Times.

There are various ebooks you can download. Various apps including number of games are also available at your disposal for learning for SAT exams in an enjoyable manner.
All the Best.

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