SAT secrets unveiled – Get 2200+ on the SAT

For a high-school student, SAT is an important exam to get into college for further studies.

The only matter between you and your dream college is the three words, commonly known as SAT.

Everyone aspires to get good scores on their SATs.

You don’t have to be a genius to get 2200+ on the SAT. That’s correct you read it right, an average student also can get 2200+ on their SAT with the right amount of hard work and dedication. Believe in yourself and you are halfway there. If you believe in yourself, you can attain your goal instead of being daunted by failures.

Must memorize that there is no substitute for hard work and with dedication, discipline, and the right strategies, you can score more than 2200+ on your SAT exam.

I have tried to map the road ahead for achieving your goal. Here are few SAT secrets revealed for the ultimate 2200+ score on the SAT.:

  1. Details in Prep Time:

You have to focus and concentrate a great deal when you are actually preparing for the exam. The more effort you put in studying for SATs, the more it would be easy for you to garner those marks. In order to use various shortcuts, you have to make yourself familiar with the basics.

a) Weakness Hunt:

Identify your vulnerabilities and start working on it. It may be a particular subject, your study pattern or timings, it can be anything. Identifying and working on your weakness may help you improve your scores significantly. When you discover your weaknesses, you turn today’s threats into tomorrow’s opportunities.

b) Classes or the Self-way:

You can join classes and seek professional help or you can study on your own with various resources available at your disposal or go with both the options. You can seek help in subjects in which you come across difficulties understanding the concepts. You can study the subjects you are confident in on your own terms and save a little time.

c) Practice makes you perfect:

Practice tests are a boon for students giving SATs. Take uploads of practice tests. These tests would help you gain knowledge regarding the paper pattern, the types of questions asked, and also it would help you in managing your time. Time management is an important aspect here that would help you in solving your paper on time and give you an edge to score more marks.

d) Vocabulary Galore:

You have to learn loads of new words. Improving your vocabulary would not only help you in the critical reading section but also might help you in writing high-quality essays. It would also improve your command over the language. When you come across a new word search for its meaning and also try to include it in your day-to-day conversation with people. It will be much easier to learn the new words rather than you mugging them up the night before your exam.

e) Read a LOT:

Reading again would serve two purposes, it would help you improve your vocabulary and write a good essay. You can read newspapers; they would keep you updated about events happening around in the world. You can use recent examples in your essays, which would help your essays to stand out. If not newspapers, you can read novels, blogs, write-ups etc.

f) Strengthen your Basics:

Mathematics questions can be tricky, but if your concepts are strong, you can solve any question. Make sure your basics are strong. Memorize all the basic formulas.

g) Discover the topic:

Identify what the passage given is about. Try to understand the argument the author puts forward.

Read thoroughly and then read the questions asked. Answers are present in the passage itself. Focus on reading, and you are halfway there.

h) Be a Grammar Officer:

Improve your grammar. It would help you in sentence completions. Forming correct sentences would again help you in the writing section. Framing a good essay with the correct grammar would only enhance the quality of your essay. There are some online resources which help you improvin your grammar. You can use various websites that actually helps you learn grammar in a fun way by providing various types of grammar games. You can read various blogs that are written by experts who share their extensive knowledge, which would only help you improve your grammar.

i) More Essays:

Essays would be optional from the New SAT 2016. But for now they are compulsory. Solve essays which are included in practice tests. It would help you understand the types of essay questions asked. It would also help you comprehend how to frame and present your argument. Including evidence is optional, but I would suggest you to cite evidence to support your argument it highlights the fact that you are well aware and familiar with the topic.

  1. The Test Day:

Remember SAT is just an exam. Be calm and take deep breaths whenever you are about to enter mode: Panic. Being calm would help you remember everything you have studied. Go berserk and you are bound to forget whatever you have studied.

a) Questions before Answers:

Make sure you read the questions first and then read the options that are given to you. Four out of five choices are wrong, and if you read answers first without even completely reading your question, you are bound to confuse yourself and waste precious time on a single question. Read the question, make sure you know the answer and choose the right option. You avoid guessing and won’t be penalized for wrong answers. You save marks and are an inch closer to your goal of securing more than 2200+ marks.

b) Hard Questions Ahead:

As you progress further in your tests, you are bound to come across hard questions. Solve sections easy and medium beforehand and start focusing on hard questions. These questions might take more than a minute. If you can’t solve a particular question, move ahead and solve other questions. Don’t be daunted if you can’t get an answer for a particular question just move on to the next question.

c) Eliminate the Wrong:

If you are certain that a particular option is wrong, eliminate it completely and continue the process so and so forth it increases your chances of selecting the right answer for a particular question. This can be useful when you are actually guessing an answer.

Getting 2200+ is possible with loads of hard work on your part and determination to secure those 2200+ marks. I hope this helps. Happy Learning. All the Best!