What kind of career will i have with an online education degree

With the advancement in technology, the field of education has also seen many revolutionary improvements with successful attempts to cater to every student’s needs. The improvement in internet connectivity has led to the popularity of online degree education, which brings education to every student’s home at affordable prices while allowing them to continue with their jobs or other introductory course curricula. 

With an even more comprehensive range of programs than ever before, an online degree lets you achieve higher education in a prestigious university that may even be located in another part of the globe. Students can efficiently study at their own comfortable pace with the help of e-books and downloadable materials with various study accessories while getting constant guidance from their study guides and fellow students through emails and discussion forums.

However, many students and guardians seem skeptical regarding the type of jobs they will pursue an online education degree. Well, if you seek an accredited online degree education, it will be accepted by most employers and institutes after you show them your certifications. Online degrees can be achieved from any level, right from bachelor’s to post graduations, in various studies, ranging from nursing and healthcare, computer sciences to library sciences.

 If you are already employed, an online degree may help you improve your profile and strive towards excellence while continuing with your work. With the increase in qualified personnel in offices and schools, various employers accept people with online degrees. Some of these are high, middle, and elementary schools, hospitals, libraries, universities, churches, etc.

Depending on the type of degree obtained, you may be hired as an education trainer, curriculum director, child care administrator, or even as a speech pathologist and achieve a position as prestigious as would be attained by a student from a traditional college. However, a bit of practical experience would increase your acceptance chances and performance levels.

We will now discuss a few career choices offered by online education degrees that have been ranked in the top 100 jobs in terms of salary, job satisfaction, job security, and even higher career opportunities. The first career choice to be discussed is the computer systems analyst, ranked 2 out of 100 best jobs according to varying criteria mentioned earlier. Students having a minimum of an accredited online bachelor’s degree in information technology, computer sciences, and any other relevant field can apply for this job.

 However, this job is not suitable for people having inefficient computer skills or for socially introverted students. A person interested in the latest technological advancements and a proficiency in computer programming or software computing can perform in these jobs. The work to be performed by a computer systems analyst is to analyze the information systems of various clients such as business organizations and provide them IT solutions that will help them improve performance at minimized costs.

 They try to understand and analyze the requirements and limitations of both information technology and business organizations and bring out the best outcomes using both fields’ best. With an average salary of $79,680, this job is gaining increased popularity with the growing need for efficient working employees in mobile services, cloud computing, etc. An online master’s degree in relevant programs can help you earn even more lucrative salaries. Some universities which offer high-quality online Master’s programs are Virginia Tech, University of South California, etc.

The next career to be discussed is that of the nurse practitioner, with a rank 4 of the best 100 jobs according to a report of US News & World Reports, 2014. According to the American Public Health Association reports, with a median salary of $89,960 and offering ultimate job security, nurse practitioners’ employment rate has witnessed a growth by a jaw-dropping amount of 94%.

Students have to pursue online post graduate programs in nursing or an online Doctorate program in Nursing, healthcare, or relevant fields to achieve this profession. Two world-class universities which provide Master’s degree in nursing producing brilliant results since years are The University of Massachusetts and Medical University of South Carolina. Giving you a chance to help others and work for patients’ well-being is one of the most popular career choices to be adopted after an online degree program.

Another career option from the online degree program is a market research analyst, ranked 15 of the top 100 jobs, offering a median salary of $60,300 to the employees, and high job satisfaction. A market analyst’s work is to analyze the demands and requirements of the customers for a particular product or service and offer valuable advice to the manufacturers or service providers on how to improve their market sales while gaining higher profits and satisfying the customers. 

They try to analyze habits among the customers, advising the brand manufacturers to label products efficiently and adequately advertise the products. Generally, students with an online bachelor’s degree or preferably a master’s degree in business, maths, and other relevant programs able to apply for these jobs and with some prior hands-on experience can perform exceptionally well in the field.

Other widely popular career choices that a person can get after an online degree program include a cost estimator, a job where the employee has to coordinate the technical and mechanical specifications of a construction project and estimate the financial requirements. 

Generally, a degree in construction management and an ability to interact with engineers and construction managers at ease, paired with hands-on experience in finance, business, and relevant fields, can help you avail this career choice and offer you a median salary of $ 58,860. The last career choice to be discussed, offering a high job satisfaction, is speech-language pathologist, who helps people suffering from stroke, head injury, etc., to perform successful communication, requiring an online master’s degree in speech pathology, with a salary of $69,870.

Apart from the above top career choices, a range of other careers a person can avail of with an accredited online education degree from a prestigious college and attain excellence in the professional field.



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