Where Should Your Kids Do Their Homework

Everything activity needs a proper place, and especially work that requires focus and utmost concentration. So, in order to make sure your child is not being distracted and is working to complete his school assignment and homework, a devoted place needs to be assigned for the same purpose. A place that is well-lit and ventilated enough to allow fresh air to draft in the room is an ideal choice. A segregated area with a study table replete with all stationary supplies like scissors, glue, paper, pencils or pen should be kept ready. Once the choice is made, ideally keeping in mind the child’s habits and preferences to avoid confusion later on, the place should be marked and designated for homework only.

Some students are easily distracted and therefore need constant monitoring and mentoring, hence parents should take all these factors into consideration. Support should be provided to the students to make sure they put in the desired efforts, are motivated enough and have a positive thought process even while completing tough school assignments to the best of their levels of aptitude and proficiency. A fixed time and regular routine is critical for creating an environment conducive to learning and parents need to ensure this schedule remains intact.

Moreover, certain children prefer to work and study in a place that is part of an area where their parents are around. The mere parental presence gives them a feeling of security and assuredness that, assistance is nearby when required. Such kids would like to utilize the kitchen table as a study place or study in the living area of the house where other family members are present. There are some other children who prefer a light music playing in the background to help soothe their nerves and facilitate an ambience of learning and acquiring knowledge. While there are others who have a preference for a calmer and quieter place, may be provided a secluded area in their own room with an organized study table.

Parents have the duty to periodically observe whether there is any item or product in the study zone that may distract their child from a focused approach, and if so, clear out those immediately. Children need to be discouraged from studying on a bed or in a lying down position, since that may predispose them to sleep. Also proper lighting of the area is important to maintain levels of alertness in the child. A study table overhead light or a lamp is advisable for students. Some of the necessary factors that should be kept in mind while arranging a space for study are as follows:

  • Dimensions of study table: The height and size of any study table is of great significance, since it should be comfortable for the child even for a marathon study and learning sessions. Ideally the right height for a table is somewhere between the waist and the rib-cage area, as that makes sure the wrists are below the elbow level. We don’t want our child to suffer from carpal tunnel syndrome, now would we?
  • Appropriate Chair design: Selecting a chair is also important as it should be comfortable enough for lengthy study sessions while at the same time not drive the child to sleep. Avoiding fancy designs like revolving chairs or even sofa styled ones is the best policy especially when it concerns an activity involving concentration and deep focus.
  • Eyesight and vision protection: These days, parents leave no stone unturned in providing their child with all the modern technology and latest gadgetry, so probably most kids have a computer at their study table. Although an appropriate distance needs to be maintained between the child and the monitor screen to ensure healthy eyes and vision.
  • School Stationary: School stationary and necessary supplies should be made handily available, to avoid last moment confusion and panic. Items like pencil, erasers, sharpeners, glue, even highlighters and pen if required, should be neatly placed. Monitoring their stock levels is a parental job.
  • Customize: Since the place of study is going to be your “warzone” and brain storming area from hereon, its better to personalize the space in a manner that you deem fit. Putting family or friends pictures in a corner, successful assignment papers, high grade test results or anything that helps to motivate the child and bring out the best in them may be used.
  • Time table: A properly organized study time table or a chart should be prepared in advance. This schedule then has to be followed to the hilt to attain the desired results in terms of homework completion, achieving and maintaining targeted school performance levels and fostering an overall learning environment among the students.
  • Placing of items: Putting pens, pencils and other stationary school items at their right place on the study table is quite important. For instance appropriate space for boxes should be arranged keeping in mind the child’s writing hand habits.
  • Ambient room temperature: A suitable temperature level in the study room has to be maintained because a warmer place might make the child drowsy and affect their concentration levels. Similarly a chilly place might hinder clear thought. Hence parents would have to ensure that proper ambient temperature level is maintained.
  • Avoid disturbance: Generally a quieter and calmer environment helps to focus therefore making sure all items or gadgets that could interfere in the child’s study are either removed from the place or are switched off.
  • Enough storage: In order to store stationary supplies enough space will be required, hence a study table should be chosen with drawers and additional shelves for storage. This would also ensure a clutter free environment. Clutter only causes confusion.

An organized and arranged study space is a prerequisite to focusing and concentration. A clean and mess free space helps the mind relax and facilitate a positive outlook not just towards studying or educational learning, but to life in general. After all, parents, society and the nation would definitely benefit from the presence of a well developed and balanced students force entering into various industry sectors as potent and talented work individuals.

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