Your Guide To Cracking The SAT

Scoring good marks on your SATs is a beneficial factor as you get admission into some colleges on the basis of marks you have scored in your SATs. Preparing for SAT test is an overwhelming process, you are supposed to make n numbers of decisions like whether you would study on your own, join classes, use online or offline resources, go for a personal tutor, study in groups, distinguish between whether a specific website is good for you and does it fulfil your requirements and so on and so forth.

Preparing for SAT is the most important phase for you for cracking the SAT. You have to put in a major deal of effort while actually preparing for the test. If you do it right, you have won half the battle here. For cracking SAT you need months not days or weeks but months of practice. Make sure you don’t take the studying time period lightly and let a good opportunity pass by.

There are definite types of strategies that would help you to ace the SAT. You can follow these techniques to improve your scores by commendable margin.

1) Stick to the Time-Table:
Make a comprehensive time-table allocating equal time to all the subjects giving enough time for you to take up practice tests, improve your reading and writing skills and also to build your vocabulary. Include revision time and also few breaks here and there. Make this experience fun and enjoy learning for example; building up your vocabulary won’t help you only in your SAT exam but also in future.

2) Identify your weakness:
Identify your weak areas and start improvising it. It would help you in securing marks rather than losing them just on the pre-text that you are weak in that subject. Turn your weaknesses into your strengths so that today’s threats become tomorrow’s opportunities. Work on your weaknesses but don’t ignore your strong points or areas by being over confident.

3) Practice Tests:
You have to give considerate time for solving practice test. Solve as many as practice tests possible. You would get an idea the pattern of the paper with the type of questions asked plus it would help you in completing the test on time. Time management would again in turn help you solve more questions and you could also give due consideration to hard questions which may take more than few minutes. It would give you an overall idea about your actual exam. You can use various websites online for practice tests and get your scores immediately. The College Board itself provides you with series of tests for you to solve. It also issues a SAT Study Guide which includes test papers for practice prepared by test makers themselves.

4) Review:
Giving practice tests is a ritual you have to follow. Review your tests and identify the areas where you are actually loosing marks. Work on those areas and improvise. Review the areas that are your strengths and you are confident in. It would only make you feel positive about the test.

5) Reading:
If you are a student giving a SAT exam you have to indulge yourself in reading anything and everything. You have to basically immerse yourself in reading newspapers, blogs, articles, novels, short stories and so on and so forth. Even when you are going through your profile on a social networking site you are bound to come across an article or two make sure you read them. Reading about current events is important. Keep yourself updated about events happening around the globe. You can use latest examples of events in your essay for presenting your argument which in turn would highlight your argument. Reading also helps you build your vocabulary.

6) Building up your Vocabulary:
Vocabulary is an important factor here for cracking the SAT. More words you learn and build up your vocabulary more are your chances of improvising your writing skills, you can also easily frame sentences and it would also help in reading comprehensions. It would help you establish a command over the English language. You build your vocabulary by reading and including the words in your daily conversations. There are vocabulary games online for helping you in learning new words in a fun way. You can also play the game of scrabbles.

7) SOLVE Mathematics:
The only way you can ace in this subject is by solving. Solving would help you understand the concepts and would also give you an idea how to solve tricky questions. Make sure your basics are strong. Make sure you are familiar with your calculator. By solving mathematics you realize the steps involved or the process you are supposed to follow. You can follow these processes to solve a hard question.

8) Read Questions Cautiously:
Read all the questions carefully. You can avoid silly mistakes and secure your marks. It might include a tricky detail which you might overlook if due consideration is not given. Indulge yourself in this good habit of reading questions cautiously.

9) Grammar and Formulas:
Memorize basic mathematics formulas. Sometimes SAT test include questions testing your basic knowledge. Make sure you don’t avoid your easy basic concepts. Improve your grammar. These small steps would actually help in acing your SATs. Improve your grammar by playing various grammar games. You can also come across various bloggers providing you with information for improving your grammar.

10) Relax:
Relax yourself and be calm. SAT is just an exam and if you prep for it accordingly you have nothing to worry about. Keeping calm would help you to be confident and positive in your approach. Stressing over anything and everything is just going to ruin things for you. You might stress over a particular subject and then you are bound to lose confidence which in turn might turn your strengths into weaknesses. So just set free yourself from all the pressure that surrounds you and you would do just fine.

SAT test prep is an important phase. Use the time on hand effectively and efficiently. Work hard and ace the SAT test with flying colours. All the Best.

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